Friday, November 21, 2014

First Flight

Friday was our first flight! We flew to Cairo, Egypt. Jeremiah collected our luggage, Jack stamped our passports, and Regina was our pilot. We flew with friends from Ms. Travis' class. Our inflight movie was on the amazing Nile River.

Annie the Musical

The production of Annie was magnificent. The stage was glowing with stars!

Small math groups

Nothing makes a teacher happier than to see her students working cooperatively on an assignment. A tough one to beat!

Students as Teachers

Shay -Lee, Jeremiah, 
and Jack came up to lead the lesson on how to use the distributive property. They did a great job!

Students as teachers

On Thursday, Josh surprised us by bringing in an Angry Bird with a launcher to help us better visualize the game. Thanks Josh!

Sharing time

After reading a biography on Roberto Clemente, the students were asked to write a letter ad if they were him giving advice to an aspiring athlete. Malaika, Johnny, Gabrielle, Chelsey, Brandon, & Mark each shared their letters and took comments or questions from the class.

Distributive Property

On Wednesday I introduced the distributive property with the help of an all time favorite game, Angry Birds. The kids worked with a partner to break apart arrays and then take a stab at playing the game. Give your child a multiplication problem and ask them to play Angry Birds to show the distributive property.


Friday, November 14, 2014


Yay Shay-Lee! She has mastered her addition facts fluently and has now moved to subtraction. Congratulations!


After finishing a biography on Roberto Clemente, students were asked to write a letter as him giving advice to an aspiring athlete. They had to be sure that their advice was backed up with examples from his life.

Reading with Mr. Bird

Mr. Bird read us a story on Thursday and  we joined him in the gym to independent read. I was so impressed with their stamina reading for an entire 25 minutes. 
Our school, with Mr. Bird, signed up for an independent reading contest. If our school is picked we'll win free books!

Big Friends/Little Friends

Friday we met with our little friends and talked about things we were thankful for this fall season.

Cohoes Bowling Alley

Thank you to Mr. Walsh for a great morning at the bowling alley. I heard many cheers and also words of encouragement as each person took a turn to bowl.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Matching Minerals

Today is the culmination of our unit on rocks and minerals. Using our field guide we matched our unknown minerals to a description of 12 minerals. Look for the mineral booklet to come home today!

Light test

In science we learned about varying degrees of light. A mineral may be opaque, translucent, or transparent.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014