Friday, November 20, 2015


Our final lesson was where the children were asked to use the field guide they'd made to put a name to the 12 minerals on their tray. Each group worked hard and saw what it was like to identify an unknown mineral by looking at the properties it possesses.

Our First Flight

We had a successful flight to Egypt. Each child had a pretend passport ready to be stamped. They packed a suitcase and had an airline ticket. The inflight movie showed the beautiful river Nile. 


Trust and cooperation was shown during dance on Thursday. They were asked to choose a friend to wrap like a mummy then lay them down in the sarcophagus.

Friday, November 13, 2015


In dance today with the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company they were asked to make their bodies look like 2-dimensional ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. 

Video conference

What an exciting experience the kids had on Tuesday. We set up a video conference with an expert on rocks and minerals at a museum in Pittsburgh.
The conversation focused on minerals and you would have been impressed with what your children had to contribute to the discussion.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Partner Reading

For the past week we've been reading as a whole class the Eve Bunting story, POP'S BRIDGE. Here they're being asked to reread with a partner of choice and talk about how the main character has changed throughout the story.


Here you will see the students examining the luster of each mineral. They needed to be able to categorize them as either metallic, waxy, glassy, or dull.